Zandramas Merger

For those that were not at the grid-wide meeting, we announced that Olantica is merging with Zandramas grid. We feel this will be a more stable setup for the long term with better performance. We know several people have shops and money in Olantica so we are making every effort to help you get setup in Zandramas and make sure you don’t loose your money in Olantica.

Transfering Content

Due to legal issues we can’t just transfer your inventories in their entirety. Most inventories contain items that are created by other people. Unfortunately we won’t be able to reach everyone to get permission to transfer content to Zandramas. If your inventory contains 100% items you created then it is less of an issue. We may be able to help you with an inventory transfer. I would think it’s okay if you also have items that you got from the freebie stores since those items are freely available to be imported into any grid. If you have stuff that is created by somone that you really want to have in Zandrams you can help us out by contacting the content creator and asking if it’s okay. The content creator will need to get in touch with us with some kind of verification they are the creator of the content and give us permission to move the content. I think it’s safe to say that we would have to work on those items separately.

If you have a shop in Olantica that you wish to port over to Zandramas or a region, please make sure that all the content is 100% yours and send Dno Vale a note card in Olantica giving your permission to move the content over. This way when we make a back up of a region we know not to remove your content first before porting it over to it’s new home in Zandramas, Please note if we don’t get permission from you to move your content we will have to remove it when porting over to Zandramas.

Getting Registered in Zandramas

Since Zandramas is still in Beta and open registrations are not active you will need to submit a ticket from the Zandramas web site letting us know you want to come over from Olantica. We will need to know your avatar name, email address, a password and your uuid of your avatar in Olantica if you know it.

Why is the UUID number important? It’s not just important it’s critical if you want to move your content from Olantica. Everything that is created in world ¬†is associated with an owner’s and a creator’s UUID number. When a region is ported over those UUID¬†numbers associated with all the items in the region get ported as well. This means if your Zandramas UUID number is the same one you used in Olantica, Any of your imported items from and Olantica backup will retain your ownership in Zandramas, allowing you to manipulate those items normally.

To Submit a registration support ticket in Zandramas, visit and click the support button on the left edge of the page.