Olantica is merging with Zandramas grid. Read More


Discover Olantica

We are sorry, Olantica is now closed, if you were a resident of Olantica you may join Zandramas, please visit www.zandramas.com. You can find the Olantica mainland regions on Zandramas as the Zandramas mainland.

Registration is FREE, Once you register you can setup your  viewer and login.

Olantica uses the OpenSim platform. Those that have accounts on other grids can easily move their existing content to Olantica.

Our currency is called Olantos, currently you can only buy currency through the web site. We use PayPal as the payment method. You will need to contact us to sell your currency back to Olantica

Land is available for purchase throughout the grid. If you would like to purchase a private region, contact us and we will get you setup.

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