To get started you will need to register for a free account first, if you have not already done so.




Once you have an account you will need to download and install a viewer. There are several available, a few links are listed below.

We Strongly recommend using a Mesh enabled viewer due to the increasing amount of mesh content. If you choose to use and older viewer you may not be able to see some content. The following viewers are all mesh enabled.



Phoenix is a good viewer and the latest version does support mesh objects both for viewing and importing. It can render a little slow and map rendering appears to be an issue, but otherwise it works well.

Get Phoenix


Everywhere you go while you are using phoenix, you are rezzing a prim, one you cant see. Its called the phoenix bridge and only works in Second Life. We are having to return objects or to inventories, therefore clogging lost and found folders. We ask that you disable the bridge by going into preferences, choosing phoenix tab, then misc tab and uncheck the “Enable LSL-Client Bridge” box.



If your a fan of Imprudence, Kokua is the successor and does support both viewing and uploading mesh.

Get Kokua



Some more recent versions of Singularity support viewing mesh objects but not uploading. Uploading is only important if you intend to bring in your own mesh objects.

Get Singularity



Angstrom is fairly new and supports both viewing and uploading mesh objects.

Get Angstrom



A pretty decent viewer, Astra has the ability to see mesh but not import..

Get Astra


Once you have your viewer installed you will need to set it up to connect to Olantica. Each of the viewers listed have a button labeled “Grid Manager”. Click this button and find a button that says “Add Grid” or something similar. Once you have the form up for a new grid you will want to enter the following URL into the login field:

There may or may not be a place to enter the grid name, if so just type in “Olantica”. If you have a button that says “Get Grid Details” or something similar click it and it will populate the rest of the information Olantica requires in order for all the functionality to work.

Apply your changes or click “OK” depending on your viewer. To log in make sure Olantica is selected in the grid list, enter your name and password and click the “Log In” button..

Let us know if you have any problems.